5 Podcasts To Listen to in 2021

Podcasts are everywhere so it’s not always easy finding one that interests you. To help you, we’ve narrowed down our favorite picks of the year so far. All you need to do is pop in your headphones. 

Trying to find more ways to get the most out of your podcasts? Remember just because radio has been around for more than a century, doesn’t mean you have to listen to it the old-fashioned way. From desktop apps online and online tools to browser extensions, there are hundreds of ways to tune into your favorite shows. 

Plus with internet radio recorders such as Replay Radio, you record the radio stream and play it back whenever it suits you. Download it today and keep reading for the best podcasts to listen to in 2021. 

Travel Tales by AFAR

If you want to keep your love for travel alive this month, Travel Tales is for you. Each week a new guest will bring you stories of their travels, offering a fresh perspective on the world which will make you see your own life differently. Longing for an adventure? With Replay Radio you can record all the latest episodes in just a few clicks.  

Stuff You Should Know 

Ever wondered what to do if your parachute fails? Or why speed reading was a big deal in the 60s and 70s? Josh Clark and Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant from HowStuffWorks are here to fill you in. As one of the longest-running entertainment podcasts out there, it covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from sports, politics, current events to science. You’ll never struggle to find something you love. 

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

When you need some easy listening to brighten up your day, look no further than this chart-topping podcast by award-winning author Gretchen Rubin. Rubin co-hosts with her sister and happiness guinea pig Elizabeth Craft. They entertain listeners with lively and fun conversations while providing practical strategies and tools to create positive, new habits. Tune in now to the latest episode on Spotify or Apple Music. 

Modern Love

Capturing the heart of the New York Times column Modern Love first published 16 years ago, this podcast offers a rare glimpse into present-day relationships. Hosted by Daniel Jones and Miya Lee, each week brings a new and captivating love story, followed by an interview with the author and some special guests! Schedule a recording every Wednesday with Replay Radio so you don’t miss a single episode. 

You Must Remember This

Written and narrated by former Karina Longworth, You Must Remember This is for you if you’re a fan of black and white movies. From the feud between Louella Parson and Hedda Hopper to The Last Picture Show love triangle, this entertaining podcast takes you behind the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to uncover some of the biggest scandals and forgotten secrets of the 20th century. Catch a new episode every week on Spotify or Apple Music.

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