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6 Awesome Hacks for the Ultimate Spotify Experience

Spotify is a force in the music streaming world, providing the world with seemingly endless access to music for all walks of life. Spending a little time with the platform, you’ll find there’s much more to it than just search, find and listen. Whether you consider yourself a casual Spotify user, or are basically glued to the platform, these six tips and tricks for Spotify are sure to enhance your entire music experience — online and offline.

1. Share & Collaborate

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Like fighting over a road trip mix CD, but better! Invite your buddies to a collaborative playlist with you online. Because Spotify has music from every genre and era imaginable, you can build an endless playlist with your friends and take it anywhere. Just create a playlist, select options and invite your friends to join.

2. Modify Searches

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It’s easy to go into Spotify and search for your go-to band or current obsession, but listeners who really want to open up their options can get into the nitty-gritty with special searches. You can add cool modifiers like: “artist: [artist name]” and “year: [year].” You can also exclude specific albums, years and more.

3. Go Private

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We all have guilty pleasure songs or embarrassing audio habits. While Spotify shares listening activity with connected friends by default, you can easily go into a Private Session to block what you’re listening to from reaching your network. To turn this on, just log in to Spotify and go to your Settings!

4. Enhance with Add-Ons

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In-browser music controls for Chrome and Firefox users lets you control from your keyboard. Shazam integration lets you track songs and immediately locate them in Spotify. “Where is the Drama” plugin automatically plays the most dramatic part of every song on your playlist. Need we say more? See a few more of our favorites here.

5. Get a Tailored Playlist

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If you ask REAL nicely (and also probably have an issue that needs to be dealt with), the @SpotifyCares support account on Twitter has been known to dole out some amazing, personalized playlists (and assistance) in response. Seriously, just take a look at this guy’s.

6. Download & Listen Offline

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Spotify has endless options, but the service won’t let you download Spotify music offline to other devices as MP3s. Replay Music lets you record music from Spotify and save tracks as MP3 files, so you can truly listen anywhere. Our software can easily record from Spotify and save the music back to your PC computer as MP3 files.

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How to Record Music from Spotify in 3 Simple Steps

Spotify is one of the best online music streaming services today — one simple sign up allows you to stream an incredible amount of music online. Want to record music from Spotify to keep as MP3s? Replay Music is your new best friend, making it easy to record music from Spotify.

Replay Music lets you save music from Spotify to MP3 files, so you can listen to your favorite music on any device, anywhere. Recording from Spotify is a snap with Replay Music! You’ll receive perfectly-tagged and titled song files, ready to import into iTunes or any other system you might use every time.

Here’s how to record music from Spotify with Replay Music:

Step 1: Open

Open Replay Music on your computer and select the big “Record” button.

Step 2: Play

Launch Spotify through your desktop app or browser, and navigate to the album or playlist you want for your collection.

Step 3: Capture

Replay Music will automatically start recording MP3 files, the second your Spotify music starts to play!

And that’s it! Audio recorded from Spotify with Replay Music is high quality, and each song is tagged with the correct artist, song, title and album information. You’ll also get proper lyrics and album artwork to complete your collection perfectly.

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4 Awesome Media Projects to Do with Your Replay Capture Suite

With summer quickly approaching across much of the United States, one must arm oneself with the necessary tools to start — and finish — some really fun and useful projects.

The Replay Capture Suite is the most powerful pack of media recording software available today. And with a total of 7 programs included, it has every media related tool you might need to accomplish a ton of cool and unique media-based projects this summer.

1. Expand your music collection.

Tap into popular streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and more to create your ultimate personal library of music. With Replay Music, it’s easy to perfect your playlists, bulk up catalogs of your favorite new artists and make incredible mixes for endless listening, no matter the genre.

2. Generate amazing mashup videos.

From cute animal videos and science experiments on Vimeo, to the latest YouTube fashion and prankster sensations, and every kind of video in between — mix and match all of the best clips from online sites to create any kind of video you want with Replay Media Catcher! Make them laugh with prank compilations, think deeply about social causes or cry with tear-jerker moments.

3. Capture and watch unlimited entertainment.

If it’s available to stream, it’s available to capture for your own personal use — this makes the ever-rotating catalog of movies, shows, sports events and documentaries even more valuable to take advantage of! With Replay Video Capture, you can screen record and save all your favorites from Netflix, Hulu and more — including the NBA Playoffs online — and watch them as much as you want (even after they are removed online.)

4. Record endless audio adventures.

Podcasting is more popular these days than you’d think. With amazing shows like Serial and TED Talks, this form of media has made quite the resurgence. By scheduling, recording and archiving podcasts of any genre with Replay Radio, you’ll be sure to always have a full collection of adventures and new learnings to choose from.

You can complete all of these great projects and stock up on your favorite media using the products mentioned above — all included in the full Replay Capture Suite bundle of recording software. Ready to get started?


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