How to Download Netflix Shows to Watch Offline

how to record netflix to watch offline

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Netflix is one of those services that brings joy and entertainment anytime… that is, until your Internet connection fails you or is simply unavailable. WiFi meltdowns happen all the time.

Your media library is most useful in places where access to the Internet is limited or nonexistent. And, watching your favorite movies, documentaries and shows is the best way to get through traveling or time spent with terrible WiFi. By recording Netflix with Replay Video Capture, you can watch your entertainment anywhere — even when Netflix is inaccessible.

How to Download from Netflix:

1. Get Replay Video Capture for Mac or Replay Video Capture for PC.

2. Download the file to your computer, then double-click to launch and follow the instructions to install the program.

3. Locate Replay Video Capture in your Applications (or wherever it is saved) and click to open.

4. Next, log in to your Netflix account and open the video you want to capture. Start playing the video, but immediately pause when it begins.

5. Navigate back to Replay Video Capture and click “Get Video” to automatically find and mark the video on your screen.

how to record netflix to watch offline

6. Resize or move the transparent window to fine tune your recording area, or click “Retry” to redo the detection. You can also mark the recording area manually by using the Mark Video Window button.

7. Click “Record” and Replay Video Capture will automatically start to record the Netflix video in high quality.

8. As you’re recording from Netflix, the Record button will turn into a Stop button, and the Play button becomes Pause. Click on “Stop” when the video has ended.

Voila! Your favorite videos from Netflix are now saved offline. 

Find out how to record more media for offline use, from sites like Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Hulu and more. 

This article was originally published November 28, 2016.

4 Responses to “How to Download Netflix Shows to Watch Offline”

    • Hi Mike. You are correct. It is not technically possible to “download” from Netflix as the stream is encrypted. We’re explaining the screen capture process in this article. Sometimes the terms download and capture are used interchangeably. But you are indeed correct.

  1. Thanks for updating about this fantastic service. I have been waiting for this feature as I am a big fan of Netflix TV shows and now I can watch all my favorite shows without any Internet connectivity on my desktop. Really thanks for this information and keep posting such latest news/updates.

  2. Hi Debbie! You are right I notice that most downloaders won’t work on Netflix. I also use a screen recorder from Acethinker so I can at least have a copy of videos that I am watching. The screen grabber pro that I am using works the same way with that, the only difference is the annotation feature where you can add shapes, lines, and text while recording on the screen. You can also check this tool for future reference.


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