Update Your Holiday Playlist with Great Songs

A couple weeks of a classic holiday music playlist can send even the most festive into a cantankerous mood spiral – how many times can one listen to Jingle Bells between Thanksgiving and Christmas, before going mad? Well, we’re throwing you a lifeline to get through the New Year while still jamming without soul crushing redundancy. Here are our favorite new releases to help you shake up your holiday playlist and see out the year with a bang.

We’re The Lucky Ones – The Marías

A romantic holiday melody by the Marias perfect for that cozy cabin weekend away with your love.

A Dreamer’s Holiday – Julien Baker

A favorite Spotify recommended artist for indie pop lovers, Julien Baker delivers exactly what the title states, a dreamy holiday tune.

Blackout Christmas – VÉRITÉ

When you need some electropop to make that playlist pop, Vérité will add some downtown cool with this number about being lowkey heartbroken during the holidays but highkey effortlessly cool.

Warm on a Christmas Night – HONNE

Here’s your flirty holiday serenade to play right when you lock eyes across a socially distanced outdoor Christmas party with your crush.

Six heures d’avion nous séparent – MIKA, Pierre Lapointe

Because it’s French. Because 2020 was a hard year. So, let’s daydream of Christmas in Paris.

Last Christmas – Tinashe

This is the update on our WHAM! Christmas favorite that maintains the upbeat rhythm of the original but reworked with Tinashe’s sexy vocals. Perfect song to play when you’re feeling yourself and ready for the mistletoe.

Hear the Bells – Calexico

Imagine dancing in the middle of Joshua Tree, with only the lights around a cactus to light your way.

All Winter – Roses & Revolutions

A melodic and nostalgic number that builds up to a crescendo, not unlike the holidays themselves.

Gettin’ Away for the Holidays – Liz Longley

A humorous anthem for everyone who forgoes going home for the holidays in favor of going to Tulum.

Auld Lang Syne – Betsy Phillips, Robby Hecht

A beautiful acoustic duet of Auld Lang Syne, simply irresistible.

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