How to Record Music from Spotify in 3 Simple Steps

Spotify is one of the best online music streaming services today — one simple sign up allows you to stream an incredible amount of music online. Want to record music from Spotify to keep as MP3s? Replay Music is your new best friend, making it easy to record music from Spotify.

Replay Music lets you save music from Spotify to MP3 files, so you can listen to your favorite music on any device, anywhere. Recording from Spotify is a snap with Replay Music! You’ll receive perfectly-tagged and titled song files, ready to import into iTunes or any other system you might use every time.

Here’s how to record music from Spotify with Replay Music:

Step 1: Open

Open Replay Music on your computer and select the big “Record” button.

Step 2: Play

Launch Spotify through your desktop app or browser, and navigate to the album or playlist you want for your collection.

Step 3: Capture

Replay Music will automatically start recording MP3 files, the second your Spotify music starts to play!

And that’s it! Audio recorded from Spotify with Replay Music is high quality, and each song is tagged with the correct artist, song, title and album information. You’ll also get proper lyrics and album artwork to complete your collection perfectly.

Ready to record from Spotify and listen to music anywhere, anytime, on any device?

Try Replay Music for PC.

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  1. Jerry Slaff

    After a weekend of trying to record from Spotify, I’d offer a few more tips:

    1. Adjust the “Silence time” in Settings | Recording Settings from 275 ms (just over a 1/4 second) to at least 1000 (one second), if not 1500, so songs with quiet parts split correctly.
    2. Adjust Spotify’s volume AND your PC’s volume to at least 80 (of 100) to get loudness equal to commercially produced tracks.
    3. If you don’t want the music blaring as you record, put one end of an audio patch cord in your PC’s headphone jack. It won’t affect the volume generated by the PC.


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