The Best Music & Podcasts to Listen to this Month

It looks like the colder months are well and truly behind us and if you’re looking to give your winter playlist a spring clean – you’ve come to the right place! 

Don’t have a Spotify subscription? With Replay Music, you can download any song or album from online radio stations, music videos and digital music services and enjoy a crisp, clean recording, even when you’re offline. Try our FREE demo version today for a quick overview of how it works. 

If you need some inspiration in the meantime, here’s our hand-picked selection of everything you should be listening to and recording this month, from chart-topping songs to the latest podcast releases. 

Top Songs Released This Month 

Bruno Mars, Anderson Paak 

Song title: Leave The Door Open 

Release date: March 5th 

Miles away from the upbeat tempo of “uptown funk”, this smooth slow jam has been co-written by Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak. Taking you all the way back to the 80s when Marvin Gaye was in his heyday. You may want to keep the door closed for this one…

Sharon Van Etten, Big Red Machine 

Song title: A Crime (By Big Red Machine) 

Release date: March 4th 

Big Red Machine’s flawless take on Sharon Van Etten “A Crime” stirs up feelings of sweet nostalgia and admiration for an indie superstar who inspired a generation of music fans. A fitting tribute for Sharon Van Etten on the 10th anniversary of her first studio album. 

Japanese Breakfast 

Song title: Be Sweet 

Release date: March 2nd 

A change of pace for Japanese Breakfast, “Be Sweet” is an uplifting and refreshing tune supporting a simple and harmonic melody that’s a far cry from the darker, more ambient sound of her previous albums. 

Ian Daniel Kehoe 

Song title: Solid Gold 

Release date: March 2nd 

“Solid Gold” is the latest disco track from up-and-coming Candian songwriter Ian Daniel Keho. Featuring a magnetic, electronic beat that’s sure to pull you under the disco ball before the night is over – you can download it using your Replay Music Recorder today. 

Maroon 5, Megan Thee Stallion 

Song title: Beautiful Mistakes 

Release date: March 3rd 

“Beautiful Mistakes” is set to be a hit this month, thanks to its high-profile collaboration with rapper and songwriter Megan Thee Stallion. With elements of guitar pop, R&b and funk, this lovelorn chillout track has Maroon 5 written all over it. 

Perfume Genius 

Song title: Describe (A. G. Cook Remix)

Release date: March 3rd

Following on from last year’s album, “Describe” has been stripped back and reworked by A. G. Cook and showcases a wholly different side of the song, contrasting the floaty vocals of Perfume Genius with distorted, crashing beats. 

Top Podcasts Released This Month 


Podcast title: Unexplainable

Release date: March 10th 

A groundbreaking, new science podcast from the news website Vox, it explores some of the great unknowns that have been stumping scientists for years. Catch a new episode of “unexplainable” every Wednesday from March 10th onwards. 

Audible Original 

Podcast title: The Coldest Case: A Black Book Drama

Release date: March 10th 

The ninth episode to the audio prequel to James Patterson’s thriller novel The Black Book which follows homicide detective Billy Harney and his new partner Kate on their undercover operation to bust a notorious drug ring in Chicago. It’s an intense mystery drama that’ll keep you guessing right up to the next episode.

No matter what you’re tuning into this month, Replay Music helps to make your listening experience as fun, simple and rewarding as possible. Whether you are recording from the leading music websites or podcast apps, you can seamlessly record more than one audio file at a time which should be music to your ears as you won’t have to worry about the different audios overlapping.  Download it today with a click of your mouse and press the big red button to start recording your favorite tracks.

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