5 Reasons To Install Replay Video Capture

Are you still hanging on to the current version of Replay Video Capture? Or on the fence about whether you should download it at all? We get it – there’s never a good time to download new software. Even if it’s on your to-do list, you may not have gotten round to it yet. If you need a nudge, allow us to walk you through all the amazing new features you’re missing out on!

Better Volume Control 

If you find that your finger is hovering over the volume button on your keyboard every time you watch a movie –  Replay Video Capture is a great solution. When editing a video recording, you now have the option to use audio compression. This essentially allows you to adjust the dynamic range, reducing the difference between the loudest and softest parts of the video recording. 

Similar to the way old classic movies are remastered, with this new update, you can adjust the volume of the audio. If you’re being blown away by blockbuster explosions, you can turn the volume down. If your favorite movie one-liner is too quiet and impossible to hear, you can crank the volume up a few notches. The result is a cleaner, smoother-sounding recording. 

Record Higher Quality Audio

In addition to being able to choose a volume setting that plays best with your speakers, you can also record the audio at a higher quality. This is because unlike previous versions of Replay Video Capture, it is now possible to make an audio recording at a sample rate of 48kHz or above.  This enables you to enhance your recording and make it sound top-notch.

For those of you wondering what a sample rate is – it is the number of samples per second taken from a continuous analog signal to make a digital signal. Audio recorded at higher sample rates sounds better. This is because the audio is more closely matched to the original analog signal. Remember you can record at high or low sample rates, it just depends on what you want to record and how much file space you have on your computer. 

Supports Bluetooth and USB Mics 

The benefits of USB microphones are well-known.  As the hardware is built-in, all you need to do is plug the microphone into your computer and press record. If your computer has a poor quality sound card, this technology will go a long way to improve the quality of your recording.  

A Bluetooth microphone has the same advantages, plus you can pair it with any compatible device without worrying about having the right cable.  Whether you choose to use a USB or Bluetooth microphone, Replay Video Capture is easy to use with both. 

Capture Video Easily and Securely

By updating to the latest release of Replay Video Capture, the software is kept free from any defects or bugs that could be slowing it down or affecting the quality of the videos you record.

That said, even if your software is working fine as it is,  it is essential to keep it up to date. Not only do these updates make you less vulnerable to hackers but it helps to tighten your security, protecting your valuable data from prying eyes.  

Updates on WM Converter Pro – Included!

One of the perks of downloading Replay Video Capture is the latest updates come with WM Converter Pro! This powerful program is used for converting, splitting, joining and cleaning up your recorded files. Just check out some of its new features that allow you to: 

  • Lower recorded file sizes 2 to 10 times without compromising on quality
  • Compress and adjust the recorded audio volume
  •  Replace and edit the audio in a video with ease
  • Add an audio track to a silent video

So there we have it! There are so many great reasons why you should upgrade to Replay Video Capture  If you are a few versions behind – don’t worry – you can download the latest version today with a few clicks. 

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