Greatest FLV Player ever

In conjunction with Martijn DeVisser, we’re proud to announce new version 2 of FLV Player. The worlds most popular player for FLV files downloaded from YouTube and other similar video sites just got even better.

You can download FLV Player 2 here.

Here’s what’s new in FLV Player version 2:

New features:
– zoom 50% – 100% – 200% and fullscreen
– double click video view-port to toggle fullscreen
– drag-and-drop (multiple) files
– seek through video with mouse scrollwheel
– extensive meta-data inspection
– remember position on screen at next launch
– remember audio settings a next launch
– optional video smoothing for fast cpu’s
– auto-update feature
– keyboard controls:

[SPACE] – toggle play/pause
[CTRL-.] – zoom 50%
[CTRL-1] – zoom 100%
[CTRL-2] – zoom 200%
[CTRL-ENTER] – toggle fullscreen
[CTRL-O] – open file…
[CTRL-V] – paste URL
[CTRL-W] – close window

Download now!

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