New Web Site

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve launched our newly redesigned Web site last night. We’ve focused on making everything easier to find and navigate – I hope you like it!
One of the best new features is the search box on every page, which should make it easy to locate things on our site. And the new navigation is cleaner too.
If you see anything broken, or something we can do better drop us a line!
Finally – a big shout out to Debbie who did 99% of the work on the redesign, including fixing 1000+ pages. Way to go Deb!

6 Responses to “New Web Site”

  1. I appreciate your comment, Darrell. Please know that we are still working on adding alt tags to images. I’ve completed about 80% of them so far and I’m adding more every day. The Media Guide is also in the process of a re-design and you will notice improved accessibility there once it is completed.

  2. Jim Jütte

    Hurray for Debbie!! 😉
    Now… to the designer… it’s bit faded… Anyway to brighten it up a tad? 🙂


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