Nice review of Applian’s products

I usually don’t blog back on any reviews of our products, but It’s My Take had a nice personal touch I couldn’t resist mentioning.

The money quote:

We should all be grateful to companies like Applian for bringing technology and culture to our doorsteps. These are truly creative and innovative people who still produce a real product, the kind of people who had made this country great. Compared to the parasites on Wall Street, whose only motivation seems to be greed and who are quickly bringing us to our destruction, they’re like a beacon of light. We’re powerless, I’m afraid, when it comes to repairing our economic foundations. Thanks to Applian Technologies, however – and all such – there is a means of escape.
May they all survive!

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  1. Allow me to reprint the comment I had posted on my own weblog:
    “I appreciate your feedback. The funny thing is, some of my old friends from California who read this blog once in a while are kind of surprised I am diverging into such topics as films, music, etc. In light of the crisis facing us along more than one dimension, they’re of the mind I should remain polemical (as some of my earlier pieces have been). Well, I’m not smart enough to be able to penetrate into the root causes of all our ailments, let alone having any idea how to fix ’em. Perhaps no one can and we may all be facing the point no return. Is politics the answer? I know, however, that quality of human life – and this includes culture, and yes, technology too – matters. And that’s regardless of whether one lives in America, Russia or China. So I do appreciate the kind of job you folks do, puting out a real product and making money the old-fashioned way – by earning it. If only more people had stuck to this kind of business ethics perhaps we wouldn’t be in the mess we are today.
    Good luck to you all!”

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