Using Applian for Archiving Podcasts


As a format, podcasts are the black sheep, dark horse, red-headed-stepchild of the digital media space – praised, dismissed, then praised again, only to be re-dismissed as an antiquated, skeuomorphic form later on. But so long as Google Glass, Oculus and digital contact lenses remain far from mainstream useful, podcasts will continue to be produced and consumed at a rapid clip.

Here at Applian, we help you capture a lot of video-based content and do our best to tell you about the optimal product for recording media from any platform. So, without further ado, here is our essential guide to downloading podcasts with Applian products.


Replay Music records podcast tracks from iTunes playlists and turns them into unprotected MP3s as you re-record them. Recording iTunes podcasts with Replay Music gets you a set of perfect MP3 files tagged with artist information and ready to import into iTunes, Google Play, or any other system.


Simply open Replay Media Catcher, click the button, and play your tracks from SoundCloud – Replay Media Catcher will download and convert them. Replay Music is another great way to record SoundCloud podcasts, plus, it will identify and tag your tracks, and save them to MP3 files. It’s that simple.

Stitcher / TuneIn / Other Online Radio

Replay Radio lets you record thousands of online radio stations from platforms like Stitcher and TuneIn. It converts recorded tracks to MP3 format and even lets you automatically transfer recordings to your mobile devices via DropBox or Google Drive. You can also record on-demand content like BBC archives, automatically schedule recordings, or record several shows simultaneously. If you’re into radio, Replay Radio is for you.

Often overlooked as a robust source for text, audio and visual media, is a surprisingly popular podcast hosting platform, in part because it’s free to use for publishers. Capturing audio streams from with Replay Media Catcher works beautifully. Just open Replay Media Catcher and visit the page with the podcast you want to download. Any media played will be saved on your PC and automatically named.

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