February’s Favorite Radio Stations And Podcasts to Record with Replay Radio

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We recently launched our newest addition to the Applian family: Replay Radio. Our easy-to-use recorder lets you enjoy thousands of radio shows and stations on your own schedule, listen back on-demand, and convert to multiple audio formats. We wanted to make radio listening easy with Replay Radio.

In the big wide world of the Internet, there are so many options for streaming stations and podcasts. There’s more content available for your listening pleasure than anyone could imagine, and now, you can easily filter what you want from our Media Guide and experience radio whenever you want it.

Who says radio is dead? It is very much alive. Don’t believe us? Check out these radio stations and podcasts below and just try to tell us that there aren’t fantastic frequencies happening all the time! Just be sure to capture them with Replay Radio…

Nerdist: http://www.nerdist.com/podcast/nerdist/
Our favorite interview podcast with actors, comedians, writers, and overall cool people. Hosted by self-proclaimed “King Nerd” Chris Hardwick, it’s a great way to hear behind-the-scenes stories from popular culture movers and shakers.

BFF: http://bff.fm
One of the best alternative radio stations in San Francisco, Best Frequencies Forever is a great resource for indie / electronic music from the underground. Catch up on “what the kids are listening to” and by kids… more like late 20-somethings with jam-packed iPods.

TWiT: http://twit.tv/twit
Easily one of the most listened to radio podcasts out there, This Week In Tech, is hosted by Leo Laporte and follows all of the top trends in technology — from new products to business news — this podcast is the best place to get your tech fill.

All Songs Considered: http://www.npr.org/blogs/allsongs/
Another music option for you, All Songs covers the best new emerging music without the fuss. Playing full songs from the obscure to the legendary, NPR has made this podcast a staple for audiophiles everywhere.

Of course, there are so many more, and you can discover many through our Media Guide within Replay Radio. We’d love to hear about your must-listen-tos in the comments, and be sure to use Replay Radio to record all of your favorites!

2 Responses to “February’s Favorite Radio Stations And Podcasts to Record with Replay Radio”

  1. I have been working with Tom for the past three weeks getting help for this old man to help me understand how to use this software. Normally it probably wouldn’t be any issues with the younger people. So not only is the program the best so is the tech help. I could not be happier. I select the stations and the times to record and at the end of the day they are all recorded and waiting for me. I have had some errors but honestly I think it’s the internet and not the software. I have been using Applian products for many years and the just keep getting better. For the price you can’t find a better product. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks Tom you have been great.

  2. Correction!

    “Tom for the past three weeks getting help for this old man to help me understand how to use this software.”

    I am the old man not Tom sorry.


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