How to Record the Perfect Live Streaming Video

Capturing the screen on your computer is no new thing. If you’re a PC user, you have probably used the snipping tool to take screenshots. An online video recorder works in the same way but records videos directly from a website through your browser. 

However, while this type of software has plenty of amazing features, if you want to improve your chances of recording high-quality video footage, you can’t go wrong with the program  Replay Media Catcher. With pretty much no limits on the file type or size, it will record anything and everything, from a feature-length film to YouTube clips and iTunes files. Here’s how to get started:

Step one – Find a video recording tool 

If this is your first time recording streaming live video, you’ll need a good screen capturing tool that’s inexpensive and versatile to use. 

With Replay Media Catcher, your list of recordings can be played in your web browser or transferred to your smartphone or tablet. In addition, the recorded content can be incorporated into free video editing software, cloud applications, or webinar programs such as PowerPoint. 

Step two – Copy and paste the website URL 

Once you’re all set-up, you can start recording right away using your favorite recording software. There are a few ways you can do this. For example, with Replay Media Player, all you need to do is copy and paste the website URL from the video source, then press the Enter key to start downloading. 

Otherwise, you can automatically capture clear, quality video content by adjusting your setting to Stream Downloader then by dragging the AUTO button until it sets to green. This allows you to capture live streaming video even when you’re away from your screen. 

Remember with Replay Media Catcher, you can save mouse clicks by using the keyboard shortcut Alt + X to start and stop AUTO mode, and Ctrl + C to convert the files into a format of your choice (see below for more information). 

Step three – Personalize the settings 

It goes without saying that not all screen capturing programs are created equally. Granted applications such as AllToMP3 and Debut Video Capture offer a free solution, but neither software is very good at handling different file types. 

Replay Media Catcher, on the other hand, can convert the video file to a format of your choice. Whether it’s an MP3, MP4, or a WebM, it can be easily shared through your Replay Music Software, iTunes or Google Drive. 

You can also control the quality of the video file right down to the last pixel. This is particularly useful if you want to adjust the file to a lower resolution and free up some storage space on your computer. 

Step four –  Use a digital video recorder 

For more premium websites such as Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Instant Video, Replay Media Catcher has a powerful Digital Video Recorder that will allow you to capture your favorite TV shows and movies – all in one sitting. 

It can also download and archive live streaming content as it happens. So, whether you’re watching ABC, Fox, or NBC, it’ll detect what’s playing live in your browser and will keep file records of it as it appears on your computer screen.

How it works is quite simple. You can log in to your account or search for a particular website using the convenient browser tool. As the video starts playing, the DVR will start recording. You can then minimize your browser and let it get to work. If it’s all going smoothly, you’ll be able to see a mini live view of the recording in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. 

Step five – Schedule a recording 

It can be easy to forget about an upcoming TV show or a meeting invite that had been accepted weeks in advance. Luckily many of the recording options out there offer the flexibility of schedule recording. 

If you’re using Replay Media Catcher, you will be able to schedule a recording simply by dragging and dropping the URL into the application window. Just give it a name, then specify how you want to capture the recording, i.e. Streamer Downloader or Digital Video Recorder and it’ll take care of the rest. As soon as it is completed, you can choose whether or not to stop the recording, or if you prefer, you can close the application altogether. 

Ready to give Replay Media Catcher a go? The software offers a FREE demo which can be an excellent point of entry if you want to test out the wide range of features without fully committing. 

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