How to Stream, Download and Enjoy the 2021 Oscar-Winning Films

While 2021 hasn’t given us many reasons to celebrate, the incredible talent at the Academy Awards has! With many of the wins and nominations making Hollywood history, it’s not too late to watch this year’s most buzzed-about films and take the glitz and glamour of the big screen to your living room. 

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Best Picture 

WINNER: Nomadland 

Where to watch: Hulu 

The winner of the night was Nomadland. Hailed as a masterpiece, the film takes you on a journey into America’s backcountry as wandering communities clamber together following the aftermath of the Great Recession in 2008. Scooping up the top prize for Best Picture, with Frances McDormand being awarded Best Actress in a Leading Role, this deserving winner is a powerful portrayal of life on the road, showing you don’t need a house to find a home. 

Best Documentary Feature

WINNER: My Octopus Teacher

Where to watch: Netflix 

Experienced diver Craig Foster thought he had delved into every nook and cranny of the wild South African Kelp Forest but when his path crossed with an unusual octopus, it’s clear he still had a lot to learn. Winning Best Documentary Feature, My Octopus Teacher is a touching story about finding friendship in unlikely places. Just be sure to power up Replay Video Capture to add it to your treasure trove of Netflix gems.   

Best Original Screenplay 

WINNER: Promising Young Woman 

Where to watch: Youtube 

Written and directed by Emerald Fennell, Promising Young Woman is about a no-nonsense young woman who starts a campaign of revenge by playing the drunk girl at the club. When a hero seemingly comes to her rescue, it is only when she lures them back to her home that the masks come off and the truth comes out. Awarded Best Original Screenplay for its subversive plot twists, this film is one not to miss. If you haven’t seen it already, rent it on Youtube today. 

Best Adapted Screenplay 

WINNER: The Father 

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video 

Starring Antony Hopkins as a charming yet bad-tempered 80-year old Antony and his loving daughter Anne, played by Olivia Colman, The Father is about the frightening realities of living with dementia.  As Antony’s condition regresses and his relationship with Anne falls apart, it is down to us to put the puzzle pieces back together.  A worthy winner of Best Adapted Screenplay, this film is available to stream right now on Amazon Prime. 

Best Animated Feature Film 


Where to watch: Disney Plus 

Teacher Joe Gardner (voiced by Jamie Foxx) has big dreams to play piano in a New York Jazz Quartet. Just as it looks as if he’s going to land his big break, in a cruel twist of fate, he dies falling down a manhole. With the help of lost soul 22, (voiced by Ivana Wong) he goes to the end of the earth to get his life back.  Soul has been celebrated at the Academy Awards this month, for its fun and uplifting take on the afterlife. 

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