New: Troubleshooter for Replay Media Catcher


Obviously Replay Media Catcher is the bomb when it comes to downloading streaming media. But with millions of online streams and dozens of ever-changing protocols, we decided to offer up some special help for owners of Replay Media Catcher.

Don’t fret. We got your back. Shooting up some trouble! We find that no fuss self-help is appreciated by our customers. Sure, we still have our fabulously handsome support team ready to assist. But sometimes, when you’re stuck, you just want to help yourself to some answers.

Next time you find yourself unable to download some streaming media goodness, or you’ve lost your activation code, give our new Replay Media Catcher Troubleshooter a whirl.

2 Responses to “New: Troubleshooter for Replay Media Catcher”

  1. geoff dudley

    Is there a problem with your licensing server?

    Replay Media Catcher 5 can’t connect to it and neither can Applian Director. There’s nothing wrong with my internet connection. According to the help message I had to allow an exception to both programs, however Windows Firewall already showed exceptions for both programs.
    I then disabled windows firewall which made no difference.
    I disabled AVG Antivirus and Malwarebytes and that didn’t work either. both programs were working fine last Friday 9 May.

    I’d really like to get both programs to work! Can you assist?

    Thank you,


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