Thank You to our Customers

A big thank you to our customers! Recently we sent out two sets of emails asking some of you to answer a few marketing and product development questions. The responses we received were amazing! We were incredibly surprised and pleased by the number of you who took the time to answer our questions; thoughtfully and carefully. We are so lucky to have such a wonderfully supportive and smart customer base.

You may not realize how small a company Applian is. While it’s true that we sell our software worldwide there are only a handful of us who develop, support and market Applian products. The answers we receive from you are incredibly valuable to us both in understanding how to position our current products but also in guiding us in developing future recording software. It means a lot that you have provided so many smart insights and ideas. Thank you.

We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you! And please feel free to keep sharing. We are always happy to hear new and unusual product usage stories or to hear your suggestions for future products and features.


All the best,

Bill & all the folks at Applian

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  1. To Bill & Co.:
    I’ve lost track of how long I’ve been with you. I guess RAV was around version 4 or 5 and MP3 Magic was something like 1.21. I really, really love the way RAV and Media Splitter have transformed my commute. I really, really appreciate the Media Guide application that takes care of all the nasty details of getting connected to a live stream so I can record it … even while the providers are constantly trying to make that harder and harder. I’m pleased with the responsiveness of Cheryl (and Tom in the olden days) when I have a problem.
    So, thanks. I only use a small subset of the total capabilities of the Applian product line but even that small subset has great value for me.


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