Just Landed: All-New Updates for Meeting Recorder Plus

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you already know we can’t sit still for long. While it was only a few weeks ago that we updated Replay Video Capture,  improvements have been made across the board with Meeting Recorder Plus! This powerful new version promises improved playback and recording performance alongside many other new fixes. 

Whether you’re new to Meeting Recorder Plus or haven’t installed any updates in some time, you can install Meeting Recorder Plus in a few simple steps: 

  1. Download Meeting Recorder Plus and double-click on the .exe file to run the installer. 
  2. Once the file is installed, click Launch Now
  3. Specify the video format you want to use for the recording. 
  4. Choose your preferred video player app. This can be your default player or VLC Media Player. 
  5. Once these settings are configured, you’re ready to start recording. 

The up-to-date version of Media Recorder Plus brings a whole host of new features and important security updates so don’t miss out! But we haven’t had our last word yet – keep reading to discover how we have combined the best features of this cool software and made them even better…

A Smarter, Smart Microphone 

With the newest update of Meeting Recorder Plus, the smart microphone has been optimized so it consistently hits the right notes and tones when you’re recording a call. Simply use the setting to lower or mute the speaker volume when the microphone is being used.  It works perfectly as a speaker and microphone all-in-one! 

What’s more, if you want to put your shiny new Bluetooth headset or USB microphone to good use, Meeting Recorder Plus is compatible with all of the latest audio accessories. 

No More Echo, Echo!

Ever been in a meeting and experienced your voice echoing through your laptop or meeting room speakers? With Meeting Recorder Plus, we’ve leveled up our technology to minimize unwanted audio feedback and it really shows. This really useful update dramatically improves the sound quality as you’re recording which means you are less likely to get distracted when you’re on an important call. 

Smoother User Settings

To enhance its potential further,  Meeting Recorder Plus now has a much-improved interface.  Whether you are adjusting the sound or switching between different recording modes, the settings are super easy to navigate for tech nerds and newbies alike. Record in full screen or enable tracking to automatically track and mark the video playing on your screen. You can also adjust the video bitrate and frame rate in just a few mouse clicks. 

A Higher Sample Rate 

If you want to create a pristine recording suitable for professional use, Meeting Recorder Plus is an excellent upgrade. With this latest version, you can now record a sample rate of 48kHz or above. This offers slightly more flexibility when tweaking your audio to help you produce a cleaner, crisper sound. Want to learn more about audio sample rates? Check out our blog post: 5 Reasons To Install Replay Video Capture

Also Includes: New Updates for WM Converter Pro

Meeting Recording Plus comes bundled with WM Converter Pro which also has a variety of new and exciting features:

  • Make the recorded file sizes 2 to 10 times smaller without compromising on video quality
  • Compress, boost, reduce the volume of the recorded audio
  • Add audio to a silent video such as background music or a voiceover
  • Add a second audio track to a video recording

Now you’ve heard all about our new upgrade, all that is left to do, is install it. Download the new update from Meeting Recorder Plus today for the best audio and video experience – and if we fix any bugs along the way, even better! Or if you want to see it in action first, you can always try our FREE demo. This allows you to test out all its features, plus you can capture 2 minutes of meeting footage. All you need is a computer that meets the minimum requirements. 

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