Best Sci-Fi Movies and TV Shows to escape reality this month

With all the restrictions in place right now, the COVID-19 pandemic way of life sometimes feels like a strange alternate universe. Luckily the sci-fi genre transports us to weird and wonderful worlds where sometimes things may even feel a little more normal. So, whether you’re streaming a Netflix movie, downloading a video from the website or binge-watching a TV series from Amazon Prime, our list of the best science-fiction TV shows and movies will help you escape reality, even if it’s just for a few hours. 

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A missing blind woman is found seven years later, her sight fully restored. Is it a miracle or is there something she’s not telling us? This Netflix show is a puzzle that blurs science fiction with fantasy and horror. While the plot twists were never truly realized on this series since it was canceled after the second season, OA is an enjoyable watch to take you beyond the realms of your imagination. 

Pan’s Labyrinth

Pan’s Labyrinth is the stuff of nightmares – literary! Amidst the terrors of the Spanish civil war, young Ofelia follows a fairy down a spiral staircase into a dark and eerie underworld. In the darkest depths of her imagination, she meets some truly terrifying creatures, all of which hold the key to her escape. This dark fantasy opens up the more you watch it so don’t forget to record it from Youtube using Replay Media Catcher.

About Time 

About Time is a charming romantic drama that’ll make you laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time! A time traveler decides to take control of his own destiny and will stop at nothing to be with the women he loves. But by going back and changing things in his past, can he really alter his future? Find comfort in a classic and watch this forgotten gem on your Netflix app today. 

Black Mirror

From robotic dogs taking over the world to cruel apps allowing you to block your friends in real life, this superbly-written British TV series forces you to confront your worst fears about technology. While this thought-provoking series is still on Netflix, it may not be around for long so don’t forget to record it using the video capture tool from Replay Media Capture. 


In the not-so-distant future, an unlucky-in-love writer finds solace in the company of an Alexa-stye operating machine designed to attend to his every need. As the machine quickly evolves so does their love for each other– but is the world really ready for this unlikely pairing? Watch the streaming video on Amazon Prime today. 


Astronaut Sam Bell is coming to the end of his three-year solitary stint in space. However, on his final mission, before he returns home to earth, he comes across a crashed space shuttle and soon realizes he is not as alone as he first thought. While Moon is a low-budget film, you’ll be too immersed in the storyline to notice. Available on Netflix and Amazon Prime, Moon is one of many titles you should watch this month. 

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