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What to watch – Our Best Picks Coming Soon to Star

Whether it’s a family movie night or you’re stuck on what to watch for an evening, pass the remote because Star is the new, adult-friendly channel from Disney+. Set to launch in Canada, Europe, and New Zealand later this month, from action-packed thrillers and classic comedies, there is something for everybody.

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Not sure what to watch first? Here are some of our best picks from a whole library full of content that’ll soon be available for your streaming pleasure.


Independence Day

The mothership of sci-fi action thrillers Independence Day is landing on Star and if you haven’t watched it since the mid-nineties – you’re in for a ride! As a dark and mysterious shadow looms over New York City, the fate of the world rests in the hands of President Thomas J. Whitemore (Bill Pullman), Captain Steven Hiller (Will Smith), and David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum). A classic Roland Emmerich flick, it features everything you could possibly want from a mega-blockbuster – space-faring aliens, big-budget explosions, and some epic, Hollywood one-liners delivered by an all-star cast.

Ruthless People

Starring lovable villain Danny DeVito as Sam Stone and Bette Midler as his kicking and screaming other-half Barbara, Ruthless People is what happens when the worst criminals in the world meet the worst people in the world. Devito hatches a plan with his mistress to murder his wife for her fortune but in an extraordinary twist of fate, she is kidnapped and held to ransom by undynamic duo Helen Slater and Judge Reinhold. As the plot unfolds, it reaches ridiculous and hilarious new heights! One to watch out for on Star, this rare 80s gem is as rude, vile, and outrageously appalling as it is side-splittingly funny.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Is there anything more British than Colin Firth? How about an umbrella-wielding Colin Firth defeating a gang of local thugs in a South London pub? Poking fun at the classic spy film Kingsman: The Secret Service was a hit in 2014 and continues to be Matthew Vaughn’s most successful film to date. It tells the story of working-class teen Gary “Eggsy” Unwin (Taron Egerton) who is recruited to the secret service by the very dapper Harry Hart (Colin Firth). But will they be able to save the world from the villainous Richmond Valentine (Samuel L Jackson)? A silicon-valley-inspired mastermind who launches a diabolical plan to put an end to the threat of climate change forever…

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

After years of feeling underappreciated working as a negative assets manager at the glossy magazine “Life”, lucid daydreamer Walter Mitty finds out that his job is in jeopardy when the magazine announces it’s shutting down the printing department. Upon discovering a negative is missing for the final issue, Mitty sets out to track it down and on the way, he discovers more about himself than he could have ever imagined. A must-see on Star, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is an uplifting, adventure comedy all about making your dreams a reality.

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TV Shows


Scrubs is a binge-worthy, award-winning comedy TV series that follows the trials and tribulations of hospital life as told by first-year medical student Dr. John Dorian (JD), played by Zach Braff. Over the course of nine seasons, Scrubs breaks new ground by masterfully juxtaposing the serious and often tragic realities of working in a hospital with Dorian’s hilarious and wacky fantasies. Even if you watched it way back in the early 2000s, it’s one of those rare sitcoms that’ll have you hooked after the first episode.

Big Sky

A new ABC drama by the critically acclaimed writer and producer David E. Kelley, Big Sky is one of the most highly-anticipated TV shows of last year. Two teenage girls have been kidnapped on a remote mountain road in Big Sky, Montana and the search is on to find them! For fans of Criminal Minds or Mindhunter, this series has it all – scandal, romance, heinous crimes, and unraveling twists and turns that you won’t see coming.

With hundreds of TV shows and movies to choose from, Star is sure to keep you busy when it finally launches in just a few weeks. Plus, with Replay Video Capture on hand, you can store all the new content in one place and watch your favorite finds with friends or whenever the mood for a series marathon hits you.

The Best Apps to Host A Conference Call

Since the pandemic first shook the world, it has impacted our lives dramatically but one of the biggest changes we’ve seen is in the workplace with millions of people retreating from the office to work from home.  While it doesn’t seem like we’ll be returning to the office any time soon, the good news is that as fast as our lives have changed, so has the technology to accommodate us. 

From fully-immersive video conferencing platforms to AI software allowing you to interact with your team and leverage the most capable applications out there for your business, technology has provided us with new solutions. We’ve rounded up some of our favourites. 


Zoom offers an impressive range of features for video conferencing calls. Simply join a meeting by clicking on the link or typing in the meeting ID to connect with up to 100 participants. Along with quick invites and screen sharing, you can also save and document your calls with its video call recorder. This is a convenient option if you aren’t a huge fan of taking notes in meetings (or are worried about sloppy handwriting). 

Plus,  if you do want to put pen to paper, you can always make use of the whiteboard tool which allows you to annotate the content you’re sharing so you can come up with new ideas and collaborate with other users as you go along. 

Microsoft Teams 

If you already use Microsoft 365, you’ll be familiar with Microsoft Teams as it’s part of your prescription which is steadily replacing Skype for Business as a fully-integrated, communication platform. 

With this app software, users can hold online meetings or webinars for 250 members, offering plenty of screen sharing options which include Desktop, Window, Powerpoint and Whiteboard, as well as the added functionality of video recording. Unlike with Zoom, your call time is unlimited which means you won’t be cut off if a meeting runs a little over schedule. 

Apple Facetime 

Built for Apple, and for Apple alone, Facetime doesn’t rank high on the compatibility scale, however the fact that it is incredibly easy to use makes it a worthy contender in our books.  

Integrated as a free app in most Apple devices, you can add up to 32 users to one video call in just a few taps. While there aren’t a lot of bells and whistles, Facetime is a reliable solution which can be really useful for holding more intimate video conference calls – particularly if you only have a few employees working remotely. 

Better still, in addition to its usability, the new updates made by Apple only last year have provided higher resolution Facetime calls for both the new and older models with even iPhone 8 users seeing its benefits. 


UberConference gives you access to an excellent range of video conferencing features, including screen sharing, voice intelligence and HD quality video meetings. 

It has a fun feature that enables you to customise the hold tone with the music of your choice, delivering a better user experience if you have to keep others waiting! 

From delegating new tasks to catching up on projects, UberConference is a comprehensive platform that has everything you need in one place so your video meeting runs as smoothly as possible. 


Debuting its new software only last year, AroundTM  is set to change the face of video conferencing – quite literally! With exciting features such as AI framing and noise cancelling, it helps to minimise distractions in the background and give users a lot more privacy when working from home. 

Specifically designed for laptops, unlike other apps that require you to set up dedicated teams, with AroundTM, you can work from  your own personal device, no download required. It’s easy to sign up, all you need to do is enter your email address and you’re pretty much good to go! 

Known as the platform that is “always on”, you can easily collaborate with your team throughout the day yet switch off when needed.  

So which software is right for your business? No matter which technology you choose to use, the most important thing is that it makes working remotely (especially in the current climate) that much easier. 

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Update Your Holiday Playlist with Great Songs

A couple weeks of a classic holiday music playlist can send even the most festive into a cantankerous mood spiral – how many times can one listen to Jingle Bells between Thanksgiving and Christmas, before going mad? Well, we’re throwing you a lifeline to get through the New Year while still jamming without soul crushing redundancy. Here are our favorite new releases to help you shake up your holiday playlist and see out the year with a bang.

We’re The Lucky Ones – The Marías

A romantic holiday melody by the Marias perfect for that cozy cabin weekend away with your love.

A Dreamer’s Holiday – Julien Baker

A favorite Spotify recommended artist for indie pop lovers, Julien Baker delivers exactly what the title states, a dreamy holiday tune.

Blackout Christmas – VÉRITÉ

When you need some electropop to make that playlist pop, Vérité will add some downtown cool with this number about being lowkey heartbroken during the holidays but highkey effortlessly cool.

Warm on a Christmas Night – HONNE

Here’s your flirty holiday serenade to play right when you lock eyes across a socially distanced outdoor Christmas party with your crush.

Six heures d’avion nous séparent – MIKA, Pierre Lapointe

Because it’s French. Because 2020 was a hard year. So, let’s daydream of Christmas in Paris.

Last Christmas – Tinashe

This is the update on our WHAM! Christmas favorite that maintains the upbeat rhythm of the original but reworked with Tinashe’s sexy vocals. Perfect song to play when you’re feeling yourself and ready for the mistletoe.

Hear the Bells – Calexico

Imagine dancing in the middle of Joshua Tree, with only the lights around a cactus to light your way.

All Winter – Roses & Revolutions

A melodic and nostalgic number that builds up to a crescendo, not unlike the holidays themselves.

Gettin’ Away for the Holidays – Liz Longley

A humorous anthem for everyone who forgoes going home for the holidays in favor of going to Tulum.

Auld Lang Syne – Betsy Phillips, Robby Hecht

A beautiful acoustic duet of Auld Lang Syne, simply irresistible.

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The Best Christmas Movies to Remind You of Being a Kid During the Holidays

Nowadays, the holidays can feel like a time of stress rather than a time of festivities − whether from the gift-buying rush, surviving family get-togethers, or paying off those rising bills. But once upon a time, back in those childhood days, it really was the most magical time of the year. Unfortunately, you can’t travel back in time…. But you can hit record and rewind. Here’s our favorite list of movies to watch and record throughout the holiday season.

A Charlie Brown Christmas and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

A ruckus was created earlier in the year when it was announced that none of the Charlie Brown holiday specials would be airing on network television, after ABC pulled the plug on a 55-year streak. But where there’s a network void, there’s a streaming network ready to bridge the gap. Apple+ pledged to to fulfill Snoopy deprivation by making each holiday special available for free, even to non-subscribers, on limited days. So all the Peanuts holiday specials are at the top of our watch and record holiday movie list.

Available on: Apple+


Gremlins is a favorite for anyone who grew up in the 80s, cult movie loyalists and 

hipsters. But with the holiday genre so full of options, it can sometimes be lost in the crowd. When it does air, make sure you hit record, to rewatch the original horror x Christmas movie.

Available on: YouTube

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Gen Z-ers only seem to vaguely know who the Muppets are but for Millennials and Generation X, they were everything. Literally, they did everything from take Manhattan, live in Space, and in The Muppet Christmas Carol, recreate Dickens’ classic. It holds up, seriously. Press record and watch it again to see.

Available on: YouTube

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story should not make this list as TBS’ 24 hour tradition of airing the movie continuously makes it sort of unnecessary, yet, it still does because even with a 24 hour airing, we know opening presents, sledding, cooking holiday dinner, etc. might have you missing major scenes. And no one wants to miss their favorite from this classic, whether it’s electric sex from the leg lamp in the window, or when Ralphie finally does shoot his eye out!

Available on: YouTube

Love, Actually

Ok, while Love, Actually isn’t as childlike as our other selections, it was released a full 17 years ago! For everyone who was still a teen or tween when this movie came out, it gave you high hopes for what Christmas could be like when falling in love as a grown up. Love, Actually was so universally well received, it’s now a modern classic and maybe remains the heavyweight champion in holiday rom-coms.

Available on: AmazonPrime

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Tips: How To Build A Successful YouTube Channel

With a reported 2 billion users worldwide, there’s no surprise that YouTube is one of the hottest spots to build a brand, share content, and make some serious cash. But with so many content creators out there, how can you make your YouTube channel stand out from the crowd? While there’s no magic formula to success, there are plenty of simple tips and tricks you can employ to set yourself up for a thriving YouTube channel. Read on to find out more…

  1. If you’re starting out from scratch, think about what you want to do with your channel. Firstly, who are you going to target? How are you going to appeal to them? The more targeted your content is, the more it will speak to these viewers. Then, consider what type of content you are going to be posting… Will your videos include tutorials, product reviews, or vlogs of your day-to-day life? How can you engage your viewers − are you going to be educating them, or entertaining them? Answering all of these questions will be your first step to building a successful channel. 
  1. Establish your personal brand. All great brands have an identity, so your YouTube channel will need one too. When considering your visuals and audio, what style do you want your channel to adopt? What topics do you want to focus on? No matter what you do, don’t forget to convey your personality. There is only one of you in the world, so make your channel stand out by being yourself, whether that’s opening up in a personal vlog, or sharing a bit of who you are in a tutorial or product demo. 
  1. Work hard to develop quality content. Think about investing in some dedicated equipment such as lights, a quality camera or microphone. Once you’re up and running, produce effective videos by keeping them as short and sweet as possible. We’re living in the attention economy, where creators and brands are competing fiercely for audiences’ attention. It’s crucial that you keep your videos direct so that your viewers don’t click away. Keep opening credits and titles short, and get to the main section of your video as quickly as you can. If you tend to pause or hesitate as you speak, you can edit out these distractions with a handy tool like Replay Media Splitter. While longer videos will improve your watch time − which will boost your content in the algorithm − don’t be tempted to create filler content. Make sure that every second is providing value to the person watching. 
  1. Let your viewers know what to expect. Be consistent in your subject matter, and consistent in the timing and frequency of new posts. Posting familiar content on a regular basis like this will help you to build up your audience. If sticking to a schedule sounds challenging, try to build up a backlog of content so that you’ll always have something to post, even when life outside of YouTube gets in the way. Finally, think about developing your videos as part of a series to get viewers hooked on your content, and waiting eagerly for the next instalment. 
  1. Remember − “Like, subscribe and share!” Promotion is key. At the end of your video, add links to your other popular videos, and remind the viewer to subscribe to your channel and opt-in to notifications. Ask them to like the video and comment too − this engagement will work wonders for your position in the ranks. To go the extra mile, collaborate with other YouTubers by featuring in their videos, or inviting them to appear in yours. With this, you can cross-promote and share followers between you. It’s a win-win. 
  1. Check out your analytics. From your Creator Studio, you can compare the performance of your videos and work out which is resonating best with your audience. To give your videos a boost, try employing SEO techniques, such as by including keywords in your video titles and writing detailed descriptions. While this can be a little more time-consuming, it’s definitely worth your while. 

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